my “three things” project

i’m trying to change my attitude and engage a bit more in the life going on all around me. part of doing that is acknowledging the things in my life that i’m grateful for and in doing so, i hope to learn how to react positively to things, you know, like an optimist would.

i think it’s so important that i’m making a commitment to do it here. every day. three things. i’m hoping at the end of a year, i’ll notice a distinct difference in my happiness.

um, every day hasn’t worked out. it did for awhile. and i still feel committed to changing my attitude. but frankly, i got pregnant and my attitude changed right along with it. as did my ability to stay up and write three things that i was grateful for… so now i’m going to try and notice when i’m grateful and filled with awe or love or wonder or happiness all the time and when i can, i’ll note it down here.

it’s all about balance and keeping it positive, right?

(in case the link doesn’t work:

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