la belleza

la belleza es tu cabeza is a graffito that started popping up all over barcelona about a year or so after i moved there. and just as quickly, everyone was talking about it. as far as i know, it’s not a spanish idiom, though many english speakers in barcelona assumed that it was the equivalent of “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. it does not. that said, in barcelona, it came to mean something even more than that.

literally it means “beauty is your head” and that can take on so many meanings (your head is beautiful, beauty is in your head, your mind is beautiful [as opposed to your body], etc.). for me, walking down the streets stuck in my own little rut of judgment tinged with despair (the last couple of years there were difficult), it was a constant reminder to get out of that, to see the beauty in my head, meaning both what i see/have around me and what i have inside of myself.

apparently, it started as a love note and i’m going to branch off of that and try and use this blog as a love note to myself. to constantly remind myself that la belleza es mi cabeza…


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