about me

i spent most of my life in the strange bubble that is ‘the west coast’: i grew up in a little hippy surfer town near san diego, moved to san francisco when i was eighteen and went to university years later in portland.

i studied literature because i liked reading books and writing poetry but never really gave much thought to what i would do to earn money afterwards. i sometimes wish i had gone to a trade school instead, but at least i get to tell people i majored in “reading” (in fact, i’m an expert).

i moved to barcelona on a whim five years ago, and am still not really sure why (and find it annoying that people always ask that question because they are never satisfied with my answer). of course, a whole bunch of stuff happened there – wonderful, marvelous stuff and the other stuff too. i made friends, i met a boy, i fell in love and moved in with the boy and then, somehow, he convinced me to move to germany. oh, and i also got a diploma that says i speak spanish at a proficient level. pretty awesome.

so, here we are in the köln area. and it’s new and exciting and scary all over again. (oh, and we got married.)

like every other american abroad who doesn’t work with computers (and has few marketable skills), i teach english, which i guess is ok. however since moving to germany, i’ve become a full time hausfrau, which is way better. except for when i’m bored, and then it’s not. oh crap. now i’m working way more than i wanted to!

my husband is british and constantly makes fun of me for the way i speak, how loudly i laugh and just about everything else “american” about me. (we like him.)

i am still obsessed with mr. darcy, i watch anne of green gables when i’m sick (and will even defend that last one where she went to france to find gilbert), love books that make me cry (thomas hardy) and that make me laugh (tom robbins), would love to have an apartment filled with plants, but can’t seem to keep any alive, my political understanding is limited to the daily show, i love putting on my rain boots and my image of god will always be that of “light hope” from she-ra.

most importantly, i have some of the world’s best friends a girl could hope for. they are all, starting with my mother, strong, independent and thoughtful women whom i love, respect and they can always make me laugh. i seriously don’t know what i would do without skype.

9 thoughts on “about me”

  1. WendyInWonderland said:

    Ode to Skype
    Thou art my window, my long long looking glass
    vast distances no obstacle
    time a mere nuisance
    we talk, laugh and SEE each other
    and only occasionally pixelated
    joy and delight. next…
    beam me up scotty

  2. thepauperfashionist said:

    You and your blog seem to be so nice;)

  3. Hopped on here from your comment on Shoshana’s post about being racially profiled. You have a nice blog going. What prompted me to comment is your handle? Why Lakshmistar? 🙂

  4. Great to follow you here to your blog! Gorgeous about page – i love you (we like him!) comment! I do that kind of thing in my head all the time… Will be spending more time looking round soon…

  5. Thanks so much for signing up to follow my blog last November! I appreciate your readership and support. (I majored in English at Oberlin precisely because of my love for books and writing poetry; nice to have blog-met a kindred spirit!)

    Happy new year,

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