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yesterday i realized that i pin (and pin and pin and pin) to pinterest constantly and i have literally never tried a single recipe, used one organizational tip or been even a tenth as crafty as i appear to be on my boards. so, i thought, new year, right? so, here i go, starting my pinterest reviews.

i must say it’s fitting that i start these reviews with a recipe that has two ingredients. yes, that’s right. two ingredients.

recently, a friend of mine posted this recipe and since i love pancakes, i always have too ripe bananas on hand (which makes me wonder – do i like bananas?) and i’m sincerely attempting to eat healthy and lose that baby weight (which i think it’s safe to say at this point is just winter weight), i thought this recipe was perfect!

"banana pancakes", mango and tea - yum!

“banana pancakes”, mango and tea – yum!


  • one banana (thoroughly mashed)
  • two eggs

seriously, that’s it. after making the first one, i added some cinnamon and nutmeg, because they always make things better, right?

the photo that i saw on pinterest made me think that these were seriously going to be fluffy, beautiful pancakes. mine don’t really look like that. and they were pretty difficult to flip in the pan, which made them look even less like pancakes. in fact, i was ready to be really disappointed, though i don’t know how i was expecting banana and eggs to seriously taste like floury pancakes.

because i was ready to be let down, i was pleasantly surprised. they are not bad. i think if i added some blueberries and made them a bit thicker (more banana?), they would be pretty darn good. though, they still sort of taste a bit too banana-ey, which again makes me question if i really like bananas… lucas loves them though, so there you go!

first pinterest recipe: success.