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so, being a new mom isn’t easy – it’s not supposed to be, right? but there are some mistakes we’ve made or some little things that have happened that i really want to remember (either to embarrass little one later, to keep in mind for the next one or to laugh about). i’ll keep posting more as they come up (hopefully not too often?).

1. feuchttücher versus feuchte toilettentücher (or why you should just buy stuff with a picture of a baby’s head on it)

okay, so i don’t speak or read german. as if i needed a reminder. before our very own little doofus arrived on the scene (and turned out to be a ginormous doofus – we like him), we (let’s be honest here: i) had planned on doing everything as ‘natural’ as possible: breast feeding, cloth diapers, water and washcloths instead of wipes, etc, etc. however, what i realized after the arrival of said doofus is that all of that stuff takes a lot of time and a lot of effort (well, except the breast feeding, but that just HURT!!).

i stuck with the breast feeding (and finally it doesn’t hurt all the time) and kept telling myself i was going to start exclusively using cloth diapers and washcloths instead of those horrible disposables (i know, i know, the cloth ones use more water and who knows what is worse for the environment…). but i didn’t (still haven’t). so, we used some store bought wipes, and of course, i made sure that they were sensitive and no this and no that so they were as natural as possible.

to my horror, little one started developing a really bad diaper rash. i had expected it to just be red, but his poor little bum was red all over and all around where the diaper sat, there were sores. i had failed. miserably. i tried cloth diapers, didn’t help. i tried water and washcloths. maybe that would have helped, except the water was always so cold. i couldn’t think of a way to have warm water always available in his room (stupid mommy – but that’s another story and i blame it on lack of sleep).

the midwife comes over and i show her his little tushy and she asks me if i’m using wipes or just cloths and water (oh the guilt!) and i show her what we’re using and she starts cracking up and tells me that what i’ve been using on my new sweet little baby boy is not baby wipes at all but in fact adult wipes (which i didn’t even know they made), so even though they are sensitive, they are made for adult skin and not babies.