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okay, so i live in germany and i don’t speak any german. fine. usually this is only annoying when i’m trying to accomplish something – post office, bank, phone company, etc. however, now that i have an adorable little baby, EVERYONE wants to talk to me.

look at that face!

usually if he’s in his stroller, they leave me alone (for whatever reason), but in his wrap, everyone is all about him. and i can’t blame them, really, he’s pretty damn cute. so, i get a lot of comments. everywhere.

my german is decent enough where i can manage when someone asks me if he’s a boy or a girl or even how old he is. but beyond that, i’ve got nothing. so, i smile and nod. and usually it gets me by. i have no idea what they are saying, but most of the time i can hear the word “süß” in there, which i know is “sweet”, so smiling and nodding seems appropriate enough.

yesterday, however, my husband and i were in the grocery store and the check out lady was talking and talking about how süß he was and everything and we were just smiling and nodding and looking at each other and stroking his face. i told her that he was an eight week old boy and that seemed like all i’d have to say.

then, it went beyond that. in fact, we’re pretty sure she started crying. and that’s where it got awkward. at this point, after she’s been babbling at us for ten minutes (even though we only had like five things – seriously lady, i know he’s cute, but let’s get to it here…), can i say that i don’t speak german? meaning, i haven’t understood a word that you’ve said to me and i’ve just been pretending? which is worse?

well, i’ll tell you what’s the worst, which is of course, what i did – ignoring her dabbing at her eyes with a kleenex and asking her for the point stickers that they give out with every 5€ purchase (in crappy enough german that probably let her know without having to say it that i don’t speak german).

she gave them to me, of course, but seriously. i need to figure out a better way to deal with ladies crying at me than nodding and smiling and continuing about my business. when did i get so rude??