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my name is lucas! woo-hoo! (six weeks old)

my little boy is HUGE! i don’t know exactly how much he weighs now, but about a week ago, we went to the doctor and he weighed 11 lbs 14 oz. he was six weeks old then. he’s since grown out of two or three different outfits and another barely fits over his big head. he’s huge.

every time i say that, my husband says, “but he’s not like a monster or anything” and i have to reassure him that no, i am not saying that our baby is some sort of monstrosity or so abnormal as to be scary and/or guiness book of world records worthy. but he is damn big.

and why? he eats nonstop. i mean literally. occasionally, he’ll fall asleep for a little bit and while he’s sleeping, he’ll start rooting around with his mouth, obviously wondering why he isn’t being fed while he’s sleeping. i secretly think he is a monster. though i call him piglet. my sweet little piglet.

today was the first time i left him alone with his daddy (for all of two hours) while i went to the doctor to see if everything was okay down there (and by that, i obviously mean to see if i could have sex again). i was worried about it because it was during his heavy feeding time (i should say one ofhis heavy feeding times) and i’d heard from many people that breast-fed babies tend to refuse the bottle. so this weekend, in preparation, i pumped for the first time.

baby’s (and daddy’s) first bottle

because he’s such a little piggie, i didn’t really anticipate a problem. i mean, this kid will spend every second it takes me to get my shirt off and unsnap my bra viciously trying to eat his hand, my neck, the nursing pillow or whatever is closest to his mouth… i didn’t think he’d turn up his nose at perfectly good milk coming in a slightly different form. in fact, i doubt if he even noticed the form it came in.

after that, i pumped two full bottles to be used during the two hours (at most) i would be gone this morning. i fed him before i left, so i wasn’t really expecting there to be any problems. i mean, two full bottles – that’s at least 8 ounces of milk. right? he should be fine?

well, he was fine. because he always is. because he’s an angel and it’s a damn good thing because i’ve discovered that i don’t have the temperament to be able to handle a temperamental kid. but, he ate both of the bottles and was hungry/starving when i came home.

don’t get me wrong, i’m in no way complaining about this – he’s a healthy, healthy boy and that makes me ecstatic. my nipples? not so much. but hey, it’s a small price to pay.