i feel like i’ve been sitting in the same spot on the couch for over a week now. granted, i do get up occasionally. you know, to pee. a lot. i’ve also done a lot of laundry. and cleaned up here and there, but there isn’t so much i can do anymore. i’ll take a short walk most days, because it’s important to be active, but for the most part, i’ve just sat here.

at first, i watched basically the whole series of bones, but then i discovered that maybe that wasn’t the best use of my time. so i started knitting a sweater. while i watched bones. then, i watched dr. neil degrasse tyson give the keynote speech at the space symposium and i was inspired. now, i’m watching documentaries and learning stuff. way better than bones.

but seriously, what do you do when you are so big that it’s uncomfortable to do anything? oh, and on that note, i’m sick of reading blogs/messages on pregnancy forums where these crazy ladies (teenagers, my cruel mind imagines) talk about how they are still running a marathon at full-term and going to the gym three times a day and feeling great and i just want to find them and punch them in the face.

on that note, i’ll leave you with the song i already can’t get out of my head: