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all i have to say is: WTF???!!!

i consider myself an incredibly adept researcher. i can easily find out what criteria to judge a product on (i’ve recently done this with laundry machines, dryers, freezers, futon beds, etc) and then research websites until i find a happy medium between the best product and the best price. i have always prided myself on this ability.

enter: cloth diapers.

i’ll say it again: WTF??!!

i suppose it’s hard to find neutral criteria to judge something like diapers on – after all, it really depends on the baby. but everyone’s critiques are different and i just don’t know what to do. especially being way over here in (stupid) germany where i can’t just order all the fuzzibunz, bumgenius, bummis, rumparooz that my little heart desires. and in fact, according to my husband, who panics at anything costing more than 5 euro (seriously), we don’t have enough money to order all of the cloth diapers that my little heart desires.

so, i’ve ordered the “get started kit” from imse vimse and the from totsbots (which i’m hoping works out well because they are from scotland (easy to ship here), they’ve got a good package we can order if they do work out AND they are ADORABLE. right?

we’ve also got some prefold diapers that my mom is bringing from the us, but i’m worried that those are going to be really difficult. folding a diaper? in this day and age? when we have disposable and ready-to-go everything? i love the idea and i want to be that person, but i’m still nervous about it all.

and above all, i’m still annoyed that there are just so many – and so many of them are so damn cute that i just want to order thousands of dollars worth of diapers (which again, my husband said no to, and we got into a big fight).

anyone else out there going the cloth diaper route? having the same issues? think i’m crazy?