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my little snowman scene (they're really into "scenes" here in germany... i'm trying to follow suit...)

merry christmas! happy hanukkah! or just happy holidays, if you are so inclined. i love the holiday season and i’m really excited about it.

okay, sorry, i just had to get that out. ūüôā

my parents arrived yesterday morning (which is another thing i love about the holidays – being at the airport and seeing all the love and happy reunions) and up until then, my belly had remained looking like, well… as my close friend sashi lovingly said: it just looks like you ate a big burrito. but suddenly, it’s like the little doofus (or should i say little smarty-pants) new that it would be on display for all the grandparents in the coming days and decided to make himself a bit more noticeable.

my husband noted that this should be especially useful around christmas time, since we are moving soon and have to pay a deposit, buy furniture (as in, we have nothing because we’ve been renting “temporary” furnished apartments for the past five years [more to come on how excited i am about having my own house later]), buy stuff for baby, etc, etc and are a bit worried about where all this money is going to come from. he said that anytime the bill for dinner came or there was a question about us needing something, i should just sigh and rub my belly and say something like: ooh, the baby is moving a lot. i think i can feel it!¬†or: i think i need to sit down. the baby must be growing a lot today, i’m feeling pretty tired.¬†grandparents are total suckers, right?

anyway, so my little showoff must have heard this and thought: right, dad. i’ll play along!¬†daddy is so proud.

unfortunately, my husband had to leave for england early yesterday morning, as his cousin passed away and the funeral was on thursday afternoon. the plan had been: my parents come thursday morning, we show them the christmas markets and hang out a bit and then saturday, we all drive up to england together. now, he’s already in england and the three of us (my parents and i) will still drive up saturday and meet him there.

i suppose it’s nice to get a bit of time just by myself with the folks, but i get a bit nervous about sleeping without him (what if something happens in the night or i feel something strange and need him to google it, or reassure me?), and he is sad about not being able to say goodnight and good morning to the baby every day.

at least, that’s what he said. then, of course, i tried to chat him last night before i went to sleep and his lovely, missing us, romantic response?¬†i’m at the pub watching football with dan (my brother-in-law). so i said something else, you know, we’re missing you, we love you, somewhere along those lines… he said: tottenham 1 – 0 chelsea.


the view from my bedroom window

i had been worried that it would snow and their plane would get delayed, but although it did snow pretty heavily the other night (at least from the perspective of this southern california girl), it has just been raining since, so it all washed away (or melted, i suppose is the correct term).

hopefully the rain will give us a break today as we visit some of the christmas markets in cologne and finish up our last-minute shopping. on saturday, we still plan to drive to england: through belgium and france, but we plan to do it quickly. then when we return, we might drive to portsmouth (so he can show me where he went to university) and then take the ferry across to brittany and drive back that way taking a bit longer, even.

while in england, we plan on seeing wicked, finally. my parents are really hard to shop for and finally i realized getting them something¬†was the problem, but an experience is right up their alley! and what better experience than one i’ve¬†been wanting to do for a long time, right?

so, again, happy christmas to everyone. i’ve got to run now because i’ve discovered i’m slightly anemic and have started taking these iron pills that the doctor¬†prescribed, and frankly, they make me a little nauseous… which is great, because i obviously really missed that about the first trimester…

‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧ love to all! ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧