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so much is going on in my life and though i don’t blog enough about it, i think-blog all the time. you know, that’s where i’ll be walking to the train in the morning and thinking out this truly amazing blog post in my head – it’s funny, relevant, and just exactly what i want to say. of course, five minutes later, when i’m on the train and could theoretically start typing on my handy little smart phone (that ironically is called a handy here in germany), i will have completely forgotten what i wanted to say.

sadly, this happens often throughout the week and then when i finally have time to write a real blog, not just an in-my-head one, i’ve got nothing to say. or i’ve got so much to say, that all the separate thoughts are jumping around in my head, competing for my attention and end up just running into each other.

i am almost 16 weeks now (15 weeks 4 days) and am definitely showing. i’ll put in a picture later, when my husband gets home to take one – we haven’t taken a single picture yet! lame! yesterday, i was wearing a really big, thick sweater underneath my raincoat (as it was raining pretty hard and has been absolutely freezing here – the wind cuts through you like a million tiny icicles) and i swear, i felt like a sausage. my raincoat zipped up, but sort of just barely. and i know a part of it was my big sweater, but i won’t lie: it was really the middle bit that was problematic.

let’s see, what else. i bought a prenatal yoga video that i was so excited about and have done approximately zero times (you know, give or take), which makes me feel really lame. i’m still thinking about doing it today though. honestly. (we’ll see.)

my favorite breakfast is still bagels, though they are hard to find here in germany (insert horribly inappropriate joke) and as i’m not really sick anymore, they aren’t really necessary.

in fact, i don’t seem to have any sort of symptoms (can you use symptom when it’s not an illness? sounds wrong…). my nose is a bit stuffy all the time, and my gums are a bit sore at times, but not horribly so.

speaking of which, i went to the dentist here, as it was recommended to do so by my doctor. now, i should start off by saying that i despise the dentist – or, rather, i should say going to the dentist, as my dentist has always been rather nice. i’m one of those crazies that has horrible nightmares about their teeth disintegrating or falling out and can’t even handle to hear people’s stories about their root-canals-gone-wrong, etc, etc…

this fear of the all things teeth related has always been the funniest when i was working with children though. they’d come into the classroom or run up to me on the playground and open their mouths, insert their little fingers and start wiggling away, saying: look, look! my tooth… and before they could even finish their cute little sentences, i’d be screaming and running the other way. hopefully i haven’t caused any serious trauma to any of these little ones yet.

so, i take a deep breath and walk in to the dentist office, with the additional worry of knowing that the receptionist doesn’t speak a word of english, prepared for the horrible sounds of scraping and polishing and the taste and feel of everything pooling in my mouth while i am unable to swallow. i was also ready for the receptionist/assistant to be quite rude – as she was over the phone when i called.

however, i was pleasantly surprised. she was very nice, though she didn’t really speak any english. we somehow managed to communicate the essentials – i understood she wanted my insurance card and i wrote down all my information (address, phone number, birth date, etc) on a card for her so she didn’t have to bear with my trying to spell things out in german.

then she took me into the exam room and the dentist walked in, who frankly, looked like he had just come into the office after catching his morning set – so far, no difference from my dentist at home.

his english was good enough and he asked how far along i was (“pregnant” is one of the few words i know how to say in german) and then he checked out my teeth. he examined my fillings, and was surprised that i had so few (thanks to my sugar-hating mother), and checked my gums and did whatever else dentists do while they are poking you with that extremely sharp, metal device they use. and then… that was it! no cleaning, no flossing, no admonishing when is the last time you had your x-rays done? – nothing!

which in a lot of ways is good – i really don’t think getting your x-rays every year is necessary (or good even), but the cleaning – even though i hate it – is good! i love the way my teeth feel when i leave the dentist! i guess this is why every american i’ve talked to here says they still go to the dentist back home when they visit. sigh. that means my dentist back home is REALLY gonna yell about me about x-rays and what not whenever i get home and go. though i suppose i could lie to him and say i’ve had them done here…

so, anyway, i’m almost sixteen weeks. which means the baby is the size of an avocado. and can hear stuff now! i should be singing and talking to him/her more – but i seem to be doing a lot of it in my head. i’m hoping the baby can still hear that (babies are magic, right?).

i am NOT going to be documenting how much weight i’ve gained or inches i’ve expanded or anything of the sort. i am impressed with anyone who has the self-confidence to be able to do that and even more those that can post those details to the public. i tip my hat to you, but i will not be doing the same. i prefer not to know and just be as healthy as i can be.