i have worked since i was fourteen-years-old, when i started part-time at play-co toys just down the street from my house. i worked there until i was about sixteen, when i started working at my flavorite bakery (you know, it’s a combination of flavor and favorite – creative, yeah?). i still had summer jobs as well and even before then, i worked for both of my parents. of course, i think i’ve been fired by my mother more times than i can count, so i don’t really include that on my rΓ©sumΓ©…

i have since worked at a supermarket (vons bagger!), a coffee shop, flippers, a “gourmet” burger restaurant in san francisco, a bagel shop, a bar, an advertising agency, a bookshop, a hair salon, a gelato shop, another bar and countless other things that i’ve actually forgotten. at times, i’ve had two jobs and, if you include tutoring, three! all through high school and college, i continued to work, which frankly, was difficult.

once i was working on a group project in a shakespeare class. as we ran through all of the options of when to meet, and i was consistently the problem, i kind of sheepishly apologized, explaining that i worked full-time and that it might be difficult and one of my classmates actually said, “why do you work?” needless to say, i just looked at him, aghast, and didn’t answer – which, in hindsight, explains a lot about why i had trouble fitting in at my university.

so, suddenly, i’m working part-time again (which means about nine hours a week and occasionally subbing for a few classes as well), which i haven’t done since i was fourteen (and the main reason was that it’s illegal for fourteen-year-olds to work full-time and even still, i was also babysitting on the side). and i’m telling you, i can’t even find the time to do ANYTHING and i’m EXHAUSTED when i get home. and to top it all off, i don’t even have any friends here, really, so i don’t even do much!

it makes me think to myself: how do people get it all done? and who are these superheroes who work full-time, volunteer, have babies, have friends, etc, etc…

yes, i’m pregnant. and i realize that that takes a lot of energy and everything, but seriously. people work full-time while they’re pregnant. lots of them. and still keep a clean house and manage to actually cook dinner, as opposed to getting chinese on the way home from class. and here i am, at exactly 2:43 pm on a wednesday and i’ve done NOTHING today. i worked in the morning, from 9:00 to 11:00 and since then, i’ve read a book (albeit, a fantastic book), ate lunch, answered emails, read a few blogs and now am writing this. i haven’t even found the time and/or energy to put a load of laundry on, seeing as how i’d have to walk all the way down to the basement (we’re on the first floor – so that’s two whole sets of stairs).

beyond that, every morning that i do have to work, i wake up just sort of miserable that i actually have to work. like some sort of spoiled brat or something.

sigh. my poor husband.

so, obviously, that said, i’m going to go put on a load of laundry now. and maybe vacuum or something…