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by “peachy” of course i mean that that is the size the baby is now at twelve weeks and two days, at least according to my what to expect when you’re expecting app on my phone. which means daddy doofus has taken to calling my stomach “peachy” until last night when he said, “is that starting to sound good to you?” incredulously, i came back with, “as a name??!!??!!” to which he replied, “yes, but only if it’s a boy”, which led me to believe/hope that he was completely joking.

aside from the fact that my stomach is much bigger, but not big enough to be classified as a “bump” yet (so, basically it’s just fat), i’m starting to feel a little bit better in general: less queasy, less exhausted all the time (except for right at this moment, but that’s because i got up really early), less sensitive to foods and i’m not really having all the aversions i was having (daddy and i have been wondering if this really is either of our kid, because we LOVE us some pasta and this baby hasn’t wanted any since milan). so, that’s good.

except that i’ve now had to start cleaning the house again. before, i had a perfect excuse: the baby wants me to sit on the couch and watch a movie right now. but now that i’m not exhausted, it just doesn’t feel right blaming my laziness on the little doofus.

my husband finally told his boss at work – which worked out well because she is a baby doctor at the best hospital here in cologne and she said that she would be very happy to give us a tour of the hospital (in english). on top of that, i’ve also found a midwife who lived in england for five years and speaks english well and seems really sweet (from my one email correspondence with her thus far).

so, as usual, it seems that everything is coming together for the best.

of course being pregnant in a foreign country was overwhelming at first and i know i’ll still have moments where i just get completely bogged down by the negatives (i don’t speak german, i have no friends to throw me a baby shower [and even if i did, none of my bffs would be there], it’s really cold here…), but i’ve found a good ob/gyn, it seems that i’ve found a hospital and a doctor to deliver the baby and a midwife for before/during/after the birth. i’m also starting to understand how the birthing process will go and feeling pretty positive about the whole process.

phew (wiping my forehead with the back of my hand in relief).

we have our 12 week scan on wednesday and i’m really looking forward to it. last time, we could see the heartbeat on the screen, which was amazing, and this time i’m hoping we get more goodies: get to see the heartbeat, get a scan to take home… okay, secretly i’m hoping to find out the sex, even though i know that’s not going to happen.

i also am going to get my mutterpass, which literally translates to “mother passport”. it’s a little booklet (like a passport) that every pregnant woman gets and which they are supposed to carry around with them at all times. inside, it has all of the bloodwork and scans and any information that any doctor would need. that way, if anything happens, god forbid, it’s all right there! and it will just make me feel official.

so, please look forward to pictures of my mutterpass on my next post!

hopefully this will lead me to be confident enough to actually make some sort of purchase. i have yet to buy anything for the baby – no cute little onesies or adorably soft booties. i haven’t even started knitting anything for baby! i don’t know if i think i’ll be jinxing myself or what. but my husband’s boss and his wife were just about to put all their recently used (and loved) baby items on ebay, so now we get to have first pick! i can’t wait to hold something that will soon be on/for my little baby!

here are some of the things i want (once i begin purchasing):

adorable – and true (of course)
cute wall art!
perfect for peachy (the boy)
omg. love it. (the doofuses really like elephants. especially cute ones.)