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i’m happy to say that i watched the premier of new girl just now and i was pleasantly surprised. i wasn’t sure if the characters were going to be real – and they are. it has a lot of the showiness and exaggerated situations that you might find in how i met your mother, but retains a lot of that sweetness that is so pervasive in all of zooey’s work (annoyingly or not). i was slightly amused, after what i’ve said, to find myself so attracted to jess as a person. i thought maybe it would seem a bit put on, but it didn’t to me.

obviously it’s hard to make a real judgment about a show from the premier – and i’ve heard one of the actors changes, which i’m sure will have some effect. but, as it stands now, i really enjoyed it. i’m not too embarrassed to say i cried a bit (i’m a total sucker and i cry at a lot of things. i’m also easy: i like most things that make me cry.) and i laughed out loud more than once.

maybe i owe zooey an apology for my earlier rant. maybe i was thinking too much. and if some people like to watch and then write about horrible reality tv, then who am i to judge, really.

if you haven’t seen the link to the premier, which apparently isn’t out yet, it’s available on hellogiggles or here.

**edit: i’ve now watched about four of the shows and i take it all back. the first episode somehow was cute and funny without being overly scripted and cloying, but since then, it has been one long disappointing drop. i am usually a sucker for crappy (and by crappy, i obviously mean wonderful) girl shows/movies and this one has lost me already. jess (zooey) is annoying, but not in the sort of “real”, uniquely eccentric and cute way she’s meant to be, in an oh-my-god-this-person-can’t-be-real-she’d-have-no-friends sort of way and her roommates are just bad clichés. sigh.