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i am so sick of seeing this. youtube, i don’t understand why you hate me just because i’ve moved to germany. and that little, red, sort-of-sad face just pisses me off even more.

this literally happens every time i try and look for a video on youtube. i wanted to send my friend rosie the song “rosie” by tom waits, and i had to post a live version, that just didn’t sound the same as when i was listening to it on my ipod hours earlier and thought, awww, rosie. i’ll send it to her. because i miss her – and that means i don’t want to send her a crappy live version (albeit there’s nothing crappy about tom waits ever. period.).

sometimes, i don’t really mind, like when i’m just randomly youtubing videos because i’ve got songs in my head, or when james can’t find whatever he’s looking for to play over and over again until he’s got it memorized and will wake up singing it. i even sort of prefer it then.

but there are times, like today, when it is important. i really like florence + the machine and i’m on her mailing list for a reason – i really want to see her new video! and the thing that i don’t understand is why won’t the video work on her own website? surely she’s not stealing music from herself, is she?

of course, i got to see a live video where you can barely hear her vocal over the clapping and cheering (and rightly so, if i saw them live, i’d be clapping and cheering as well) and of course, it’s just some guy taking a video with his digital camera, where half way through, he has to turn it around on himself and make some “i’m enjoying myself” slow-nod faces or give his future self a thumbs up. not really interested.

luckily, i can still watch all the so you think you can dance videos over and over again.