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a helpful reminder on the way to class

i’m in the need of comfort today. while not technically raining (yet), it’s dark and grey and i know it will be soon – my smart phone tells me so. i tried to prove it wrong yesterday, wearing my little white flats that can barely handle walking on cobblestones, let alone any type of inclement weather, and wearing only a thin cardigan. of course, while walking to lunch with my newly-made friend (and president of the american women’s club – because that’s how i roll), i got drenched. and not just pleasantly dashing into a cafĂ©, shaking out my wet hair and laughing wet, i mean mud up to my calves, mascara smudged under my eyes, shivering and dripping wet.

at least i was wearing jeans. janet was wearing a skirt. sitting down, she commented that she hadn’t thought it was going to rain that day, and i responded with: neither did i! well, actually, my phone told me that it would around noonish (it was noon), but i really didn’t want to believe it. luckily, she started laughing, instead of rolling her eyes as she should have done.

the lunch itself was fantastic – filled with sentences fraught with meaning and not delved into completely, tangents that never meandered their way back to the original point, and, of course, five or six completely unnecessary glasses of wine. it began with the waiter accidentally throwing all the bread and silverware at us, and ended hours later with me completely forgetting my little yellow sweater and walking out into the sun (odd how fast the weather can change here), unsure of where i was or where i was going.

i discovered that she had a daughter almost my brother’s age and that they were very similar (in that she and her husband are completely supporting her and she can’t seem to get her life going) and that she saw the new harry potter movie by herself on a tuesday afternoon. she’s from upstate new york and during a club event, was the only member to fill in all of the us states correctly (which james could probably do, and i could not).

considering i had german lessons at 6 and had a list of things to do beforehand, including coming home to get my books and doing my homework and printing the photos for our thank you cards, a long lunch like that was probably not what i should have been doing, but it was just what i needed. i got myself a soy mocha frappuccino and a berliner (and one for james – which, of course, got squished in my bag and left a sticky, jam-filled imprint through the bag and onto the inside of my purse) and happily meandered my way to class, only getting slightly lost on the way. of course, by the time i got there, i no longer had my pleasant buzz, and half way through the class, i was slightly hungover and miserable.

which, considering i’m not hungover at all today, was ok. the only downside was that after class, we went to the subway around the corner, which i was desperately craving, only to find that their machine was down (it was raining again – of course) and therefore, i couldn’t pay with a credit card. which meant that we missed the first train and had to wait half an hour AND i didn’t get to eat a subway sandwich OR doritos.

but james, lovely husband that he is, had got me a snickers and forgotten about it, and it was almost as good.

of course, now, i’m having a day-after-a-good-day type of day. one where all the chores that i meant to do yesterday are still on my to do list, along with others that were meant for today, and i absolutely can’t stand the thought of doing any of them.

i had spent months trying to find what my mom calls “irish” or “steel-cut” oats and the whole time i’d been avoiding buying any old regular, boring oats. finally, i gave in and am now enjoying hot oatmeal with way too much maple syrup. i don’t know what took me so long. i suppose i expected it to stop raining at some point and be summery. i’ve finally accepted that that just isn’t going to happen.

though the oatmeal is wonderful, i still sort of wish i had a subway sandwich. even better, i wish they delivered.