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i’ve now been to german class and discovered that i still don’t like not being good at something. i think part of it is because james is there and he took a semester of german at school or something and knows just enough to know more than i and to be, therefore, very annoying.

our teacher is dreadful. i know it’s horrible to say after only one class and i’m hoping he’ll improve. especially since i understand how annoying it is to teach that first class – especially when it’s a book class and no one has their books. but seriously. half the time, he kind of sat there, staring at the book in front of him, obviously thinking, “how do i get them to learn this information when they don’t have it in front of them?” only in german, i assume. he even had us do the listenings without the book or a photocopy. which can only be described as confusing. very confusing. (“who is frau baume?” “max who?” “what’s going on?”)

favorite part: after finishing a portion, the teacher pointed to the blackboard and asked, “ist klar? can i vanquish it?”, meaning can he erase it. abso-freakin-lutely. vanquish the hell out of it. ist klar.

james and i are the only native english speakers, yet most of the class was conducted in english, which is still just amazing. there were about fifteen other students (i admit, i’m sort of making that number up…) who were all from poland, croatia, possibly greenland, either lithuania or latvia (i didn’t understand their accents and i imagine they weren’t saying it in english), hungary, argentina and spain, and they all spoke english (except for the pobrecita argentinian).

the more countries i go to and live in, the more i feel blessed to have had en

glish as my first language. to be able to move first to spain and then to germany without knowing both languages first is just incredible. i don’t believe it would have been as easy had my native tongue not been english. esperanto, eat your heart out.

our book, which we don't have yet

and speaking of my non-native-but-much-loved other language, there were three spanish students (well, two spanish and one argentinian). i feel like since there are three of them, though, they won’t really want to be my friend. i hope that one of them would be interested in

some sort of intercambio. i can feel the spanish oozing out of my brain by the day and i really want to keep up with it.

the second class is tonight and we don’t have our books. what horrible students! i’m going to try and get them in cologne before class, but the leverkusen bookshop was out of them.

not an excellent start, but on the whole, i’m very much looking forward to being trilingual.